Sam Says
I don't make junk!

I don't make junk!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Stop putting limits on how we do life together. How we’ve done life thus far, the things you’ve experienced to date, are not all there is. I am inviting you to explore with all of your senses. You think you don’t see well? It’s time to take every thought captive, make each one obedient to Christ, and let me renew your mind.

Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing. It’s time to expect to see me in new ways, believing that I want to enjoy life with you in this way. Believe and you will see. Is anything too difficult for me? Why then would I not give you this gift?

I know the desires of your heart. I can read you like an open book and I understand every thought you have before it even enters your mind. Why then would I not prepare an answer before it is needed?

Yes, this is for us but this is a gift for others too. As we move more deeply into life together, you have the opportunity to impact the people I bring into your day. I am love and I love the world. My love for the world is why Jesus came and it didn’t stop at the cross. 

Through you, my love is poured out into all the nations. I know you don’t know what that looks like but believing is seeing, remember? Believe that it is possible. Believe that it is the desire of my heart. Believe that I want to move in and through you. 

It’s time to reject the lie that you’re just you. There’s no “just” about it and what I’m inviting you to explore with me is completely possible. You are my beloved child, my work of art, my precious creation, and I don’t make junk!

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