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I want to be known by you

I want to be known by you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I want to be known by you. It brings me great joy when you seek my heart. When you explore my word in an attempt to understand me more, I am delighted. There are many mysteries of course but I’m not far from you and I don’t step away, forcing you into a game of hide and seek.

But you’ve noticed that I seem to offer contradictions and this confuses you. How can laughter be good medicine and sadness good for the heart? How can I say that I will always hate someone and refuse to never stop loving them? How can I command against murder and call David a man after my own heart?

It all comes back to how I am known by you. Who am I to you? Who do you say I am? The filter through which you explore life impacts what you’ll see and this is as true for your Creator as it is for the pencil on your desk.

The difference between me and an inanimate pencil is I am alive and loving and reaching out to you to be known. I want you to know my heart. I want to walk in relationship with you. I want to share all things with you. 

And as you begin to understand my heart towards you, the contradictions and confusion become unimportant. You find yourself content to rest in my love. Some might call this blind faith but I call it loving faith. You have faith based on who I am to you, faith anchored in love. It’s not blind faith. It’s faith based on relationship.

And that’s why I love it when you seek my heart. Being known for who I am is such a joy! Thank you for journeying with me. Would you like to know more of me? Ask me!

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