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It's always been about love

It's always been about love

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s all about love. It’s always been about love. Love in its purest, most honest and unconditional form. Not the love you have for your favourite flavour of ice-cream or the show you enjoy watching on telly. That’s not how I love you. My love is something else entirely. Agape.

If you really knew just how loved you are, it would change everything. This whole world is held together by my love because I am love and in me you live and move and have your being. Love really does make the world go round, quite literally.

And you were made for my love. That’s why there are so many love songs, poems, films and works of art. Love is central to the human condition. You simply don’t yet get what that really looks like. One day the blinkers will come off and at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow. Bowing in awe and wonder and under the weight of my love.

But you don’t have to wait. I want you to live in the reality of my love today and every day. Talk to me and do life with me as one who adores you – because I do!

Adam’s turning infected humanity’s ability to receive my love but Adam is not the end of the story, he’s just the beginning. Through Adam you grew up with a damaged picture of who I am to you but through Jesus the picture is restored. Look to Jesus. He is the exact representation of my being.

I am for you, not against you. You can approach me with confidence. I’m not trying to trip you up or catch you out. There’s no correct string of words needed in order for you to have my ear. Formulas and step by step plans are a lie from the enemy!

I adore you with every inch of my being. I love and I am love. Live in my love and let me show you what that looks like again today.

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