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Life is seasonal, intentionally so

Life is seasonal, intentionally so

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You’re exactly where you need to be and you have all the time in the world. Yes, your time on this wonderful planet is finite and there is so much more to come than you can even begin to imagine. This life is not all there is and how you move through this life is important.

This is not an invitation to waste time or be idle but thanks to the curse of busy there is little chance of that! Any time you rest you find yourself slipping into justification mode. Why do you do that? Life is seasonal, intentionally so. You will have seasons where the pace is more gentle, restful even, and I’m inviting you to embrace that pace. Embrace it rather than fight against it.

I know exactly what I’m doing and when I clear the decks and make space in your day for less, there is a reason for that. It is not accidental and when you flow with the pace of the season, you are moving into my best for you.

Equally, those times when you wake up with a fire in your belly, run with it. It’s okay to run fast in those seasons because you’re running with me and I am equipping you. When you wake up with ideas and inspiration, from Whom do you think that excitement comes? Again, it is not an accident.

What if, instead of comparing yourself to the people around you, you simply embraced the energy and focus you have in any given moment? What if, instead of believing that your pace needs to be a certain way because that’s how people you look up to and admire are moving, you simply moved with me, being guided by my inspiration in your life?

What if the only wrong way to do life was apart from me and everything else is simply an expression of who I created you to be? What would today look like if you moved like you believed that to be true?

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