Sam Says
Step by step, together

Step by step, together

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

My child and my friend, you do hear from me. I am speaking to you, always. And yes, sometimes I will repeat myself. It seems to me that you could benefit from a reminder of my love, my goodness and my provision. 

When you hear something from me that you’ve heard before, rather than questioning if you really do hear me, what if you instead asked me who the reminder is for? Is it possible that I share things with you that are not just for you? Could it be that I bless you so that you can be a blessing, an encouragement, for others?

Not every word is to be broadcast from the hilltops of course but you’re also not meant to be mean or stingy with what I give you! I love to communicate with all my children and yes there are some dear ones who don’t yet realise just how easy it is for them to do life with me. As such, they need you to share my wisdom. No-one “needs” a middleman between them and me but it’s sometimes simply what people want and I can work with that.

We’re moving into a season of increased revelation. I have so much more I want to share with you and it’s important to be intentional. Ask me who a message is for. Explore the timing with me. Allow me to share both my revelation and my wisdom.

We’ve explored this already but timing is crucial. A premature word is easy to reject or, worse, easy to act on too soon. As always, the easiest way to be sure you’re moving in step with me is to move with me. Trust that I know what I’m doing. Leave the outcome with me. Step by step, together.

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