Sam Says
Tell me what you need

Tell me what you need

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There’s no perfect answer or solution for doing life with me. It’s not like a jigsaw puzzle where you need to get everything correctly lined up and in place before you’ll see the picture and be able to move forward. How we do life together is going to vary from one day to the next.

Those days or moments in days when you feel depleted, it’s far better to rest, to have a nap. There’s no benefit in trying to be a grownup and power through. Who says that that’s what it means to be an adult? I thought being an adult meant you had the freedom to choose?

When you were a child, you were told when to eat and when to sleep and when to go to school. The only person putting rules and constraints on your day right now is you – and you can change that with one simple choice!

So yes, nap if you need to – and why not ask me to share my heart with you as you dream? I never sleep and I’m always with you so why not? You think you don’t remember your dreams but I can help with that too. When I say that nothing is impossible for me, what do you think that really means? Take me at my word and believe me for the things that feel impossible from your perspective.

And while you’re taking me at my word, remember what I said about worry and fear. Refuse to worry and instead share everything with me. Tell me what you need. What’s on your heart? What are you concerned about? What problems need solutions? Give it all to me. And not just once. That’s what it really looks like to do life together. Conversation. Bringing all things to me.

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