Sam Says
The best is yet to come!

The best is yet to come!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Amazing things happen when you allow yourself to be real with me about your feelings and what’s important to you. I will not bless who you pretend to be! I am always with you of course, even when you’re lying to yourself about how you feel, but when you choose to be honest, without judgement, and really let me in, that’s where the real magic happens.

Without judgement is important. You are not an accident. I created you on purpose and those things you’re excited about, I am excited about too. Those things you want to want to see in the world, why do you think I put that in you? Because I want to see those things in the world too! And those pieces that are on your heart are on my heart.

It’s doesn’t matter if they don’t seem to fit in a neat box. I didn’t create you to live in a box! I created you to be you – and that’s going to include some quirks and eccentricities. What if, instead of trying to get all the pieces lined up really well before you make your next move, you simply started?

Five hundred words written every day for one hundred days would be a huge chunk of a novel. And yes, by simply starting instead of planning lots, you run the risk of needing to re-write and edit some of those words but consider what you’ll have to play with! Five hundred words is merely an example. Apply this to every dream I’ve laid on your heart. What would that look like?

However, all of it starts with being honest about what really matters to you. Honest with yourself and honest with me. I know who I created you to be and I’m itching to show you what that really looks like. The best really is yet to come!

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