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The outcome is on me

The outcome is on me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You can do anything that I’ve called you to do – but I’m not asking you to do every thing. You will see great and wonderful things, experience the miraculous in your day, and I’ve given you incredible strength  – but not every burden is yours to carry. Yes, I’ve given you great capacity – but capacity for the things that are yours to play with. Don’t start picking up everyone else’s stuff!

Share the burden of others yes, but as I nudge you. Do anything I invite you to do, with me. Run at speed, my speed. Let me be your pacer.

And trust that I know what I’m doing. Whilst I love to stretch you, to help you grow, if I’m inviting you to explore something with me, you can trust that I will be with you every step of the way. I will never leave you or forsake you. Even when things appear to be floundering, I’m right there with you. 

And remember that failure is all about perspective. Things look different from where you’re standing because you don’t see the whole picture and you often come to this adventure with your own set of plans and expectations. What if your expectations could be my expectations? Seen through my lens, my filter?

Ask me today to help you set expectations for the week ahead. Ask me what I’m expecting, what success looks like from my perspective. I promise that whilst there are things you’d like to do that I’m also excited about your exploring, success looks vastly different from the perspective of heaven.

Heaven celebrates who you are, how you’re loving, relationships that are growing. It’s less about what you’re doing and instead, all about who you’re being. That’s not an invitation to do nothing of course, you can be as you do, but it is an invitation to relax and let go of the outcome. The outcome is on me.

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