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The real invitation

The real invitation

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You like things logical, one piece flowing to the next, even if the connections would appear random to someone else, because that’s how your mind works but I hold all the pieces, see all the connections, all of the options and outcomes. That means we can explore anything in any context and all of it makes sense to me.

Since I know all and understand all and since I’ve made it very clear that I want to do life with you, you wonder why you have such a hard time getting it right? You wonder why I don’t just tell you what to do and allow everything to flow nicely from there?

Simply put … you are not a machine! This isn’t about getting from one point to another via the correct landmarks in the most efficient way possible. This really is about relationship. We can’t have a real relationship if all I’m doing is telling you what to do. That’s religion. That’s not relationship – and you’ve seen already how well religion is working out for you!

To really move into my best, to be all that you were created to be, you really do need to journey the long way round. As you do so, you’re learning how to do life with me – and it’s beautiful! Every moment and day we have together, all the different pieces we explore together, they are all glorious!

Do you really want to lose the beauty and majesty of a life lived with me, moment by moment, for the sake of a little bit of certainty? I will meet you where you’re at, that’s why religion exists, but simply following instructions is not my best for you and it’s not my first choice.

Doing life together moment by moment, exploring your world together and enjoying the view, that is my best for you. That’s the real invitation.

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