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Time is not what you think it is

Time is not what you think it is

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Time is not what you think it is and yes, if you ask ten different people you’re going to get ten wildly different answers about how I operate in and outside time. You could invest hours trying to learn more. You could read and study and explore but what if the answers are still lacking? What if you instead let go of the need to know and simply trusted that I am with you in this moment?

With you in this moment and I’ve gone ahead of you to prepare the way and I’m bringing up the rear guard to protect you from your past. That’s how good and kind and loving I am. Your ability to understand – or even not understand – doesn’t impact my ability to move. I am not limited by your understanding.

When you ask me about time, what do you really want to know? You want to know if I’m in all things, moving and working for good. You want to know that, no matter what happens today, nothing catches me by surprise. You want to know that you are protected and loved. And you know the answers already so why the puzzle?

You can’t get your head around the fact that I saw you before I created the world. That makes your mind ache but what if you don’t need to know how this is possible? There are some things for which the answer can only be “but God” and whilst that won’t satisfy everyone, is it enough to satisfy you? Can you rest knowing that there are things about me you simply can’t understand?

Rest knowing and then move forward, one thing at a time, with me because you are governed by time and there are things I would love us to explore together. Let’s explore those things together and leave the puzzles to those who don’t want to take action today.

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