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Trust the nudges

Trust the nudges

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The whispers, the nudges, are important. Don’t discount the nudges or try and explain them away simply because they seem to make no sense. Something wonderful happens when you hear me and act in accordance with what you hear. Hearing alone is less powerful – although yes, our conversations are delightful to me. But the real treasure, the greatest wonder, is to be found when you hear and act.

I don’t necessarily mean wonderful in physical, concrete terms. This isn’t about getting more stuff when you act on the nudges – although I know exactly what you need. I am a good Dad and I provide.

No, the true wonderful happens at a level that you don’t fully see and understand. The wonderful ripples into all eternity. The wonderful is relationship building and life affirming. It is truly delightful and not to be ignored or dismissed.

Acting on the nudges ultimately comes back to trust. Do you trust that you can hear me? Do you trust that what you’re hearing is part of my best for you, even when it’s inconvenient or time-consuming? Do you trust that I know what I’m doing?

You were created to do life with me in this manner. Despite the proliferation of tools to help you organise yourself, flowing with me is the most natural thing in the world because it’s what you were born for!

And no, I’m not against tools or technology. The Ultimate Creator, from whom do you imagine the ideas for the tech come? Certainly not the enemy. The only thing he can do is manipulate and pervert. He hasn’t created anything new or unique in any age!

The tools and the tech are a gift from me to be explored with me. They’re an invitation, not a call to independence! They’re an invitation to free your mind from the constraints of remembering everything so you can instead turn your mind to wonder and delight.

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