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What if?

What if?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if growth is less about cramming more knowledge and teaching into your head and more about living out loud with me, growing in our relationship? I’m not saying to stop learning but there are too many people learning who are not growing at all!

You wonder how that’s possible? Growth is about so much more than head knowledge. To really grow you need to implement what you’re learning, put it into action, explore it with me so it helps grow our relationship. Head learning alone is never enough. Head knowledge is no guarantee that you are growing.

Your whole life is about relationship – relationship with me and the people around you – and you can’t learn that from a book. Yes, learning will help you understand me and people better but until you take what you learn and have a conversation, you have not grown.

What if you explored with me how to grow in all your relationships? You can’t change the people around you and force them to grow with you but you can change you and in changing you, you change the world. How? Everything is connected because everything is in me and held together by my voice. As you grow, there will be consequences, ripples.

Grow in me. Focus on exploring who I created you to be and what it looks like to show up fully alive, fully human, loved unconditionally and a child of the King. As you grow into who I created you to be, as you grow in your understanding of the One in whose image you are made, you can expect great and wonderful things.

No, not every moment of every day is going to be wonderful and to expect otherwise is delusional, this side of the age to come at least, but I am in every moment, never leaving you and never forsaking you. As such, there is wonder all around you. What if you grew in your ability to see and experience the wonder? What if?

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