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What if?

What if?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What would it look like if we simply did life together, one thing at a time? You’re afraid of forgetting something or missing out on a brilliant opportunity but what if you trusted that I wouldn’t let that happen? Use the systems I’ve given you, yes, and then simply trust.

Trust that I know what I’m doing. Trust that I am for you and not against you. Trust that I am moving in all things for your good. Do you really believe that? Does that feel like your reality?

Your feelings don’t always line up with what’s really going on so yes, they can be a good guide but don’t take them as the ultimate truth. Instead, ask me to help you understand your feelings from my perspective, my truth.

You feel like you have less time despite all the time saving devices in your home. You feel like you’re always chasing the next thing to get done, trying to stay ahead, despite the luxury of setting your own schedule. You feel like you’re behind, late to the game, having to run faster to make up the difference despite my reminders that you are exactly where you need to be.

Bring all these feelings to me. Share everything with me and ask me what time looks like from my perspective. I’m not ruled by time in the way you are but I choose to move through time just like you. You’re only ruled by time because you’ve set it up as something to battle against.

What if you stopped fighting? What if you instead simply trusted that I really do know exactly what I’m doing? What if we really were co-labourers in this adventure together? What if you took me at my word? What might that look like?

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