Sam Says
With me is the only key

With me is the only key

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I know everything I’m inviting you into. Why then do you stress and strive to get it right or make it work? Co-labourers, remember? I don’t leave you orphaned, struggling to find a way forward on your own. That’s not Father’s love and that is not my best for you.

You feel the passing of time so acutely and you don’t want to waste or miss anything but in your anxiousness you miss the glorious beauty in this moment. Pause in this moment and let me love you.

And know that there are no hoops to jump through. You’re always growing and learning and moving into my best but the idea that I’m holding out on you is messed up theology. There are so many people in the bible who had great success, depending on how you measure success but that’s a conversation for another time, despite not knowing what they were doing and despite still having so much to learn and grow into.

Learn while you lead. Learn on the job. If you sit around waiting until you think you’ve learned everything, you’ll never move or do anything! Did I wait until you knew how to parent before opening your womb? Did I wait until you knew how to hear me before whispering my love to you? Did I wait until you studied enough or read enough books before revealing myself to you?

Layers. Journey. Trial and error. I’m not holding out on you and yes, you of course still have so much to learn and mistakes to make and yes, sometimes I protect you from yourself but you lead by leading. You write by writing. You unlock everything I have for you simply by showing up and doing life with me.

With me is the only key. There are no magic words, no one last book or training to undertake. Do life with me. That’s it!

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