Sam Says
With you every step of the way

With you every step of the way

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I am relentless in my pursuit of you. Wooing you with my love, I’m whispering to your heart even right now. Every picture you’ve ever seen of never-giving-up love is a mere shadow of my love for you. You and all of humanity. I have an incredible capacity for love, one that you can barely fathom.

Yes, I know I talk to you about love a lot but that’s how powerful and important it is. Love, my love, makes the world go round. And yes, I know I’ve said that before too but you really don’t yet see just how true that is. If I stepped away, this world would fall off its axis and crumble into dust.

I will never step away of course, it would be against my very nature to do so. There is no place, no time, no far away adventure, that is outside the reach of my love. I see it all and am cheering you on, like the very best Dad, even right now.

Yes, as you move through today, my gaze is upon you, enjoying each moment with you and delighting in every choice you make. There’s no such things as a good or bad choice really. Some seem to take you the long way round and so, from your perspective, they’re less than ideal, but every choice, every moment, is an opportunity to learn and grow.

And that’s, ultimately, what I want for you: A series of choices, made with me ideally but made nonetheless, with each choice helping you to grow into who I created you to be. That growth takes a whole lifetime and I’m with you every step of the way.

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