Sam Says
You have not been here before

You have not been here before

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

This is a brand new day and you have not been here before. You might feel like there are certain areas of your life that you’re revisiting with me with a sense of “here we go again” but lift up your head and look around you. You have not been here before. The terrain looks familiar but even those paths you’re certain you’ve travelled before are not the same because you are not the same person you were.

You were always you, yes, and always with me, it goes without saying, but you’re learning and growing every single day. Now is the perfect time to begin again and it’s vital that you don’t let past disappointments cloud your vision as you journey.

It’s your choice of course. You can choose to believe the lie that it’s going to be the same frustrating result as last time or you can choose to trust me, take me at my word, and begin again. 

Begin again, believing that nothing is ever wasted. I can redeem all things and those past disappointments are part of your story. You are the person you are today because of all of the different parts of your story and I can turn it all to good. But you need to be in the game.

And yes, you do have a choice. I’ve never been about coercing or twisting your arm. That is not love and I am love. Bring me all your doubts and uncertainties. Tell me what’s on your mind as you hear the invitation. What are you afraid of? Share all of it with me and then allow me to whisper my truth. Let me show you this next move from my perspective because when you see “next” as I see it, you’ll embrace what’s next with open arms!

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