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Your fullest identity

Your fullest identity

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You have the mind of Christ. As such, you don’t have to be ruled by distractions and notifications. Not everything needs your attention right away. You can create boundaries and allow yourself to be unavailable, trusting that when you do so, the world will not fall apart. All of creation is held together by my words, you can’t break it that easily!

I understand this isn’t always easy for you but with me, all things are possible. With me, you can do and explore and engage in great and wonderful ideas and conversations. There is so much impact we can make when you’re not being ruled by competing distractions.

Understand that I’m not saying this so you can work harder. This isn’t a productivity hack to help you get more things done. This is about stepping into my best. My best includes space for rest, for simply being, for doing and exploring those things that bring your heart great joy.

Some of the distractions put a smile on your face, even if only for a moment, but too many of them are mindless sleepwalking. There is so much for us to explore together but you can’t do that when you’re sleepwalking through life!

Hear me again … I’m not condemning you. If it feels painful, that’s simply because there is a truth we need to unpack together. I love you too much to let you continue down a path that is only going to lead to more frustration. I am inviting you to step into my best for you, I know that’s what you’ve been asking me for and my best includes renewing your mind. My best includes recognising who you are, Whose you are, and in Who you are.

You are not a mistake. This is not about making up for errors in the way your mind works. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, every inch of you – including your mind. This is simply an invitation to embrace your fullest identity in me.

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