Sam Says
Your mind is my playground!

Your mind is my playground!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Why are you trying so hard to figure out all the answers to everything that’s on your mind right now? You have an incredible mind, I knew exactly what I was doing when I created it, and it’s time to let me renew your mind.

Renewing your mind isn’t just about clearing out wonky thinking. You renew your mind when you spend time with me and allow me to direct your thoughts. Every time you choose to not give into distraction and instead focus on what is important in this moment, you are also renewing your mind. There is so much we can explore together thanks to your amazing mind. Your mind is my playground!

And recognising that not every question needs an answer right now, that you can instead simply park some of those questions, is also an opportunity to renew your mind. What happens when you insist upon chasing after every question? You lose all sense of perspective and the things for this moment go out the window!

What if you weren’t at the whim of every thought, every question? You love answers and yes, I love to explore your questions with you, but today’s questions. It’s time to let go of tomorrow’s questions. We’ll get to those at the proper time. Today’s questions are for this moment.

And you’re concerned about losing some of your questions, if something feels that important, write it down. Start collecting your questions in one place and ask me to show you which ones are for today.

Take me at my word when I tell you that something isn’t for this moment and ask me to show you the delightful answers I have for you right now. Ask me to show you what’s on my heart in this moment. Ask, expecting an answer, because I love doing life with you!

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