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You're not meant to play on your own!

You're not meant to play on your own!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Sometimes you feel the urge to get up and move, change your perspective literally by moving to a different location and that can be great but sometimes that urge is simply a distraction. How can you possibly know the difference? The way you do everything … checking in with me.

Sometimes the thing that you thought would be easy suddenly feels difficult, like wading through mud, and you wonder if it would be better to change your plans. Tweaking and adjusting has value and other times the invitation is to recognise, explore and move through the resistance. How are you to know what my best is for you? Easy … ask me.

Sometimes you think you can’t hear me. It feels to you like I have nothing to say and you consider the possibility that I’m quiet because there are pieces I’ve already shown you that you haven’t actioned yet but other times you’re reminded that I’m always with you, always whispering to you, and you simply need to be. Where can you find the truth in that moment? With me!

Do you see the pattern here? Do you understand what I’m wanting to remind you about? Life is full of apparent contradictions and confusions, not everything will be clear to you all of the time, but there is never an occasion when I will refuse to share my heart with you. There is no scenario where I won’t help you move into my best. You simply need to ask.

Why is asking so hard for you? Are you still operating under the illusion that you’re meant to have all the answers? Have you slipped into thinking that there are some areas of your life that I’m asking you to handle on your own?

I don’t want you to be passive, we’re co-labourers in this adventure, but consider what “together” really means. United, in one place, of one mind. You’re really not meant to play on your own!

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